Bimbi Philips: I.T. consultant by day, afrobeat artist by night

By day, Bimbi Philips, is your average I.T business consultant in London, but once the clock hits five Bimbi transforms into a vibrant afrobeats artist, blending his genre with anything his creative mind conceives. EDM, house, soca and dancehall are just some of the genres he has used to create this unique concoction.

His latest single ‘Lamba’, released earlier this month showcases his rhythmic, soft-sounding afrobeat sound. The music video, which has already surpassed one million views, provides engaging visuals across a variety of settings, as crisp and upbeat as the song behind them.

The African born artist has taken time to carve out his own niche within a highly saturated musical world, mastering the intricacies that define his craft. As a result, ‘Lamba’ is an accessible track for lovers of any music.

Photo Source: NAIJ Nigeria 

In his live performances, Bimbi is seen accompanied by vibrant backing dancers, inspired by Afrobeats legent Fela Kuti, who help bring his show to life with their lively choreography, acting and backing vocals; it is clear Bimbi looks into the heart of his genre to crank his music up a notch.

The future looks vibrant for Bimbi, with his musical bounce being compared to the easy flow of Wayne Wonder’s. Couple his unique vocals with his use of EDM rhythms also popularised by Major Lazer, DJ Snake, David Guetta and Calvin Harris, Phillips’ future looks bright.

You can connect with Bimbi Phillips on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Grace Mitchell


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