Salute Music Makers success permits removal of entry fee allowing free access for all entrants

The Salute Music Makers competition, which launched in April 2017, is a platform for young musicians to showcase their songwriting talents by way of a submission of their own original material. They have now taken the unprecedented step of giving back the entry fee of £20 per track to all those who have entered to date, and have made the process totally free for up to four tracks to be entered thanks to the contributions of partnerships such as: GRM Daily, Unsigned Music Awards, UNILAD and many more.

The competition reflects the dramatic changes in the way new music is written, recorded and shared. Music technology is ever evolving, giving more power back to the artist, therefore enabling the music makers of today to create music almost anytime, anywhere and the quality of organic, original music emerging from home studios has never been higher. Now is the opportune time to provide a platform for this talent by launching a competition that salutes the DIY generation of music makers.

One of the most important aspects of the whole initiative was the ambition of Salute to make their entry free within the second year, but thanks to the huge impact it has had from business partnerships, this dream has been realised within a matter of weeks since its launch. Music industry expert Feargal Sharkey, who is spearheading Salute Music Makers, explains – ‘The level of support and encouragement we have received from the industry since launching our competition has been truly extraordinary. Thanks to the support of our partners, Salute is now in the enviable position to make entry absolutely, 100%, free.’

The winning songwriter stands the chance of winning £50,000 in cash, while the other five shortlisted finalists will each receive a £10,000 cash prize.

Think you can write the best song anyone has ever heard? Enter Salute Music Makers competition here!

Get in touch with Salute on Facebook and Twitter.

Grace Mitchell


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