Former homeless musician J.J Leone busked for survival on the streets

Singer-songwriter J.J Leone’s latest track ‘With You’, released 7th July, showcases the Norwich singer’s soulful sound.

J.J prides himself on the fact that he writes, records and produces all of his own material, setting him apart from the crowd as the ultimate un-manufactured DIY artist, with a work ethic and busking background similar to the likes of Ed Sheeran. The track oozes fluidity, with the use of guitar, percussion and piano marrying together well to create a pop sound, with a classic R&B edge.

The young singer has definitely fought to achieve all that he has thus far, a series of unfortunate events led to J.J becoming homeless for six months, but the musician felt that since he had got himself into this situation, he would get himself out. Leone showed the utmost determination and independence, surviving by busking every day, morning, noon and night on the streets of Northampton in order to earn money and make a new life for himself.

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In the past, J.J’s bedroom musician style has drawn comparisons with the likes of Jamie Woon, James Blake and early Cody Chesnutt, and it is his uniquely-crafted sound that has led to him touring Barcelona at the age of fifteen and also seen him perform at the legendary Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in Soho, London.

You can find J.J Leone on SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Grace Mitchell


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