REVIEW: Ten Tonnes ‘Born To Lose’ EP

Born To Lose is the latest EP to come from 20 year-old singer-songwriter Ethan Barnett, a.k.a Ten Tonnes.

Ten Tonnes Born To Lose EP cover, via Facebook

The EP is a clear representation his alternative indie sound, as well as indicative of his primary influences such as, The Beatles, The Smiths and Bob Dylan. Having bought his first guitar six years ago at a car boot sale, Ethan was originally learning how to play the drums, however it was after listening to The Beatles that he began wanting to explore his own music.

‘Silver Heat’ feels scorching in its sound, the percussion helping to drive the song forward, sustaining a good dose of momentum, with Ethan’s vocals feeling raw and on the right side of uncontrollable.

‘Born To Lose’ starts with a ‘Sidewinder’ (Catfish and The Bottlemen) type beat, giving it that infectious bounce. The lyrics sing like the tale of a boy living just on the outskirts of life, at a distance from what he wants, making for a charming and characterful tune.

‘Love Me To Death’ is my favourite track by far, not just from this EP but also in comparison with the many other artists and bands that make up my musical library; for me it stands as a prime example of Ethan’s immense talents as a songwriter. The beautiful ballad contains all of the emotional depth and smooth-sailing melody of The Small Faces’ ‘Autumn Stone’.

This is made all the more impressive by the fact that he’s still in the infancy of his music career, so who knows what other gems Ten Tonnes will throw out into the world in the years to come.

One thing is for certain, his future is bright.

Ethan is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

Grace Mitchell




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