REVIEW: Steffan Argus ‘Lost At Sea’ EP

Emerging American musician Steffan Argus’ latest EP Lost At Sea establishes a fresh sound for the 18-year-old. Rooted in a nautical theme, mixed with messages of escapism, the four tracks showcase Steffan’s talent as both a singer and a songwriter incredibly well.

Photo Source: Steffan Argus Facebook page

‘Leaving London’ begins with the sweet sounds of Big Ben’s chimes, setting a very English scene. This leads into the unwinding of an intricate melody, married with Steffan’s soft vocals the song almost feels like a lullaby in parts and thus the Neverland theme emerges beautifully. In an interview with Billboard Magazine last month Steffan commented on his connection with the boy who never grew up, “I’ve always been interested in the story of Peter Pan. The morals and the messages behind my songs are what I want for the world: universal connectivity.”

‘Lost’ contrasts with an upbeat strumming pattern establishing the track as a more up-tempo number. The theme of escapism is woven nicely through the lyrical content with a layering of strings in the background helping to add a certain intensity to parts of the track, allowing for a consistent flow.

‘Ship In A Bottle’ starts smooth and simple like a sea shanty yet fosters into a lively beat. The song takes on a tribal, Lost Boys feel connecting it well with the expressed motifs of the EP.

‘Abandon Ship’ for me is the most edgy track from Lost At Sea. The piano start, layered with the haunting chants makes for a very animated song. It’s lovely to hear the nuances of Steffan’s voice; the incorporation of spoken word definitely creates additional power.

There’s plenty on the horizon for Steffan Argus, he’s currently up for the role of Finch in the movie adaptation of Jennifer Niven’s All The Bright Places; you can vote for who you would like to see play Finch here. As well as the continuation of his modelling career and hopefully touring around his original material.

“The best is yet to come…”

Steffan is on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and Instagram.

Grace Mitchell


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