Manchester electro-pop duo TONICA avoid city’s brit-pop cliché with debut single ‘Save Yourself’

Manchester-born Tonica are looking to break out of the box with their fresh, vibrant brand of electro-pop.

The brooding beats, vivacious synths and warped vocals make for an interesting heavy alt-pop sound. The song creates atmosphere through its cinematic sound and expressive lyrical content, as it speaks of the plight of modern day love.

TONICA Artwork by graphic designer, João Oliviera 

The group, consisting of singer, songwriter Amory and songwriter, instrumentalist and producer Sam, are looking to hone their craft in a more niche area that represents their new alternative electro-pop outlook. The change in direction of sound has been fuelled by a desire between the duo to offer indie-pop music that has substance, offsetting the typical ‘all out pop’ image.

‘Save Yourself’ shows immediate similarities to The Weeknd’s ‘The Hills’; the dark undertones and distorted vocals seem to connect the two songs. This is made all the more fascinating as TONICA list contemporary alt-pop acts such as Banks, Honne, The XX and The Weeknd as their primary influences, particularly for this song.

Still shot from The Weeknd’s ‘The Hills’ Photo Source:

Coming from a place of rich musical history, it’s very refreshing to see the pair have steered well clear of the infamous Brit-pop sound synonymous with Manchester. Hopefully this allows for a new sub-division of fans to form, for a genre that maybe isn’t as popular as the classic indie pop, or rock sounds of today.

TONICA are on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and SoundCloud.

Grace Mitchell


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