Chase The River releases new album ‘Recycle Your Regrets’

Folk resurgence artist, Chase The River, has had his fair share of difficulties in life, but it is these experiences that have helped form his latest album, Recycle Your Regrets.

The Belfast born storyteller has suffered the death of his father, a series of heartbreaks, his mother being diagnosed with cancer and breaking his back whilst playing rugby- and he’s come through to tell the tale, all through the medium of music.

Interestingly, Recycle Your Regrets was written ‘on the fly’ in the studio with the other musicians not having listened to the material prior to the sessions. However, this was entirely deliberate, as CTR was aiming to achieve a raw and natural sound – not absolute perfection. When it comes to his musical ethos, CTR believes that ‘Music is there to be consumed and enjoyed by everyone. There needs to be a story with it rather than just words that rhyme. If it can’t be played solely on an acoustic guitar by someone at their friend’s house, what’s the point?’


Check out more on Chase  The River here:



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