‘The Wayfarer’ by Glenn Harrold

Multi-million selling self-help author, Glenn Harrold, has taken a change of career path, moving his focus to music and songwriting.

Glenn’s hypnosis and meditation downloads and apps have sold over 7 million copies worldwide and are perennial best sellers on Amazon, iTunes, the App Store, Google Play and elsewhere. Glenn has also written 7 books, which have been published by major publishers Orion in the UK and Europe and McGraw Hill in the US.

However, his music takes inspiration from a lot of his self-help work and ‘The Wayfarer’ is a song with a great story behind it. The track follows the story of the Peace Pilgrim who walked across America for a large portion of her life in search of world peace.

Glenn has also employed the talents of Dean Rhymes for ‘The Wayfarer’, where his gentle, yet emotive vocals fit perfectly with the nature of the song’s story.

Harrold’s hypnotherapy career has even led to him appearing on Steve Wright’s show, Breakfast TV and Five live.

You can find out more on Glenn Harrold here:








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