Track review: Jon McDevitt’s Alternative ‘Father Christmas’


Having achieved minor success with his former band, Geist, and also having written the theme tune to Channel 5’s ‘A Different Life’, Jon McDevitt is now pursuing his own path in the music industry with his alternative take on a festive anthem, ‘Father Christmas’.

Whilst we often get fed up of the same old Christmas songs every year, appearing on the radio earlier and earlier it seems, Jon McDevitt is bringing something new to the table and it might just turn out to be your new favourite festive tune.

Yes, there are jingling bells during the chorus, as you would expect from any Christmas song, but on the whole, McDevitt’s style is much more refreshing and original taking on a unequivocally folky vibe. Simple strummed chords combine with a wandering electric guitar melody and an emotive string section to give the song a definite wintery-warmth, whilst the fiddle break half way through conjures images of festive dance-inducing get togethers.

Lyrically, ‘Father Christmas’ attempts to address the real meaning of Christmas by highlighting what most people get lost in during the festive period. McDevitt sings ‘The list of desires shouted so loud, The flexing of the muscle‘ quite clearly referencing how commercialised Christmas has become. However, Mcdevitt is keen to leave the meaning of the song up to listener’s interpretations.

Perhaps the best thing about ‘Father Christmas’ is how it avoids the cliche of the typical Christmas song but really making people think about its meaning and thus helping them understand what Christmas is truly about. In my opinion, the best art is the art that invokes thoughtful consideration and so Jon McDevitt’s ‘Father Christmas’ is a must listen this for this year’s festive period.

Find out more on Jon McDevitt here:

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